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Formula Boinc

Postby Col323 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:06 am

I didn't know if I'm the only person who ever wanders over to Formula Boinc.

It's another stats site which looks at rankings in a different way. In their own words, "Formula Boinc (FB) is a ranking system for the Boinc teams, based on the principle of the Formula 1 Championship. Each project is considered as a "Grand-Prix". The 10 best teams on each project get a fixed number of FB points. The general Formula Boinc ranking is simply obtained by adding all FB points of each team."

Teams are broken into groups called Leagues based on their RAC. That way, we are not competing against the likes of Seti.USA and L'Alliance Francophone. Instead, we're grouped with teams like SETIKAH@KOREA and the Dutch Power Cows. (So, a reprieve of sorts, but still we're lumped in with some big groups.)

Last year was the first year for Leagues, and we had a respectable showing in 31st place with 38 points. Clicking the link will give you a full breakdown of our 2014, but here are the three projects we scored in for the year:

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«Grand Prix» (projects)   Points   Position         Credits
POEM@home                  18           2        63,490,210
World Community Grid       12           4       123,512,575
Simap                       8           6         7,402,654

This year we are slightly ahead in points, but slightly behind in ranking. We're in a tie for 32nd place with 41 points. Here's how our scoring looks so far this year:

Code: Select all

«Grand Prix» (projects)   Points   Position       Credits
World Community Grid        18         2       11,617,574
Rosetta@home                10         5        2,456,694
FiND@Home                    8         6           84,360
Leiden Classical             4         8           44,077
POEM@home                    1        10        2,779,076

Again, these aren't necessarily our biggest effort projects, but projects where we are performing as well or better than most teams with our crunching power. To me, it shows we are expanding our crunching footprint while improving our stance in WCG. And we're doing this without trying to chase Formula Boinc points. We're just crunching and encouraging each other to crunch.

Great job, All!
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Re: Formula Boinc

Postby USAFA82 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:24 am

Interesting find. Soon we'll be drowning in stats :)

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Re: Formula Boinc

Postby pandelta » Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:11 pm

I remember that now, very interesting!

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