Malaria Control Officially Retiring

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Malaria Control Officially Retiring

Postby Col323 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:56 am

Malaria Control has not been giving out work for months, but there had been hope that they would be able to generate more work for the Boinc community. Now, it appears, they will no longer tap into Boinc users. Here's the official announcement

It's sad to see another project leaving the grid. It seems like the world of distributed computing is shrinking. There are probably many reasons, although one reason I cite is the lack of desktops in a typical family home. 10+ years ago, a desktop was a household staple. Now between phones, tablets, netbooks, and other specialized devices, it seems the workhorse desktop is no longer needed. Of course, there are still the die hards with their server racks or home lans. You guys are awesome!

On an amusing personal note, it looks like this will be my final tally for Malaria Control: 996,091 So close, but yet so far from 1,000,000. (Less than a day's worth of my production at the time work dried up.) But, I officially give the "Close, but no cigar" award to [DPC] hansR who has 998,269 points.

In good news, this means more cycles I and others can continue to contribute to World Community Grid. Crunch on!
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Re: Malaria Control Officially Retiring

Postby USAFA82 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:31 pm

I had forgotten about them. These days, all my work goes to WCG although I'm open to crunching other projects. I have my main desktop idling until summer is over, however.

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