Gave up running WCG with Nvidia cards. . . is a volunteer distributed computing project for biomedical research from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Spain). GPUGRID is made of many graphics cards (GPUs) joined together to deliver high-performance all-atom biomolecular simulations. The molecular simulations performed by our volunteers are some of the most common types performed by scientists in the field, but they are also some of the most computationally demanding and usually require a supercomputer.
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Re: Gave up running WCG with Nvidia cards. . .

Postby AI4FR » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:50 pm

Awesome, thanks all!! No wonder it would not work with my 6.10.60. I was trying all kinds of crazy stuff. I will attempt this on one of the smaller machines running a single gpu(gtx550) and a correct version of boinc. I really dislike the newer versions of boinc because they did away with the "messages" tab. With the newer versions, as you are aware, it is called "event log" and brings up another window.

As an aside, I have been trying to run 2 to 3 seti wu's on each 580. I can get them to work but the gpu usage drops. For 3 wu's it is around 50 to 60%. With two wu's I have been able to get 90 to 93% steady if I cut the cpu cores down. I save a core for each wu to acheive these results. Not doing so drops the usage down into the 70's with two wu's per card. As you know the gpu's are the money makers. Why I can not get them to 99% is still a mystery. I have plenty of gpu memory to do so. I have disabled SLI to no effect. It could be the nature of the 580's, running two 580's in one box, have some thing to do with HT(12 cores) or even the boinc version I am using(doubt it though). BTW, saving a core for each wu drops the cpu usage down to 50% or so.

My two slower machines, one with a single core and the other with 4 both have a single gpu in them. They run 3 wu's each using 99% of the gpu with the cpu running at 100%. No problems at all.

DiRT bounces between 98 to 99%(mostly 98) running 1 wu per gpu and seti cpu wu's. If I run HCC on the cpu, the gpu's runs at 99% and stays there.

Ahh the fun of tinkering.


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Re: Gave up running WCG with Nvidia cards. . .

Postby nanoprobe » Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:28 pm

Version 7 of BOINC is much better optimized to run GPU apps. I keep track of my resends from time to time and the 6 versions of BOINC return the most errors by far.

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