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Postby USAFA82 » Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:07 pm

My name is Mike and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I provide computer and network services to businesses and residents in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. I've been married for over 25 years to my beautiful wife, Fran. I have two kids: My daughter is 19 and enrolled in nursing school. My son is 15 and attends Evangelical Christian Academy (

I Graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1982. Flew the B-52G and worked in Command and Control. Stationed at Mather AFB, Castle AFB, Grand Forks AFB, Barksdale AFB, and Sembach AB, Germany. Participated in Operation Provide Comfort (help to the Kurdish people) at Incirlik AB, Turkey. I Left the Air Force in 1995 and started a financial planning business in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Got bored with financial planning and went into the IT (Information Technology) field in 2001. I now own an IT services company in Colorado Springs.

I spend a lot of time camping, hiking, hunting, shooting and biking in Colorado.
I also like to play an online game called Guild Wars ( I'm a member of a Christian Guild called Spirit of Elisha. If you would like to know more about Guild Wars, contact me.
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