Introductions (New Forum Members, Please Read)

Welcome to the home of Team Christians. If you have just registered on the board, you MUST post an introduction to gain access to the rest of the forums (it helps to weed out fake registrations). There may already be a welcome thread started for you. Just reply to it and tell us a little about yourself. NOTE: You don't have to be a member of the team in order to post here. All are welcome! Thanks!
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Introductions (New Forum Members, Please Read)

Postby USAFA82 » Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:22 pm

In order to gain access to the rest of the forums, if I don't recognize your name, you MUST post a brief introduction. You can read some of the other introductions to get an idea. Here are some suggestions:

Family Info:
Why I crunch:

You don't need to include everything above. It's basically whatever you would like us to know. Post as much or as little as you want.

There may be a welcome thread already started for you. You can reply to that if you wish.
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